DeSoto Speakeasy

DeSoto Central Market hosts Savage Rhythm the third Wednesday of the month for a Speakeasy Night! (Information in the video is outdated)
This venue has a vintage atmosphere, being maintained from its early 1900 history. DeSoto is a central market which means it offers a variety of food vendors within and a bar full of classic drinks. There are multiple places to eat, a patio with heaters and a fire pit, and a large estate to explore. All food vendors, except the bar close at 9:00pm.


DeSoto Stairwell

At every event DeSoto hosts the Uptown Big Band for your dancing pleasure! There is no cover charge for listening or dancing either! It is the best deal in the valley for dancing to a live big band that will play all of your favorite swing songs and more. The beginner lesson still occurs during the band’s first break. Music is DJ’d as well.


Location: 915 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85004
Cover: Free of charge, so enjoy the night with the a drink or meal while you dance.
7:00-7:30pm Music is DJ’d
7:30-8:30pm The Uptown Big Band’s 1st set
8:30-9:00pm Beginner Lesson and DJ’d music
9:00-10:00pm The Uptown Big Band’s 2nd set
10:00-10:30pm Music is DJ’d until closing

Yes, his name really is MacGyver Mann. No, it isn't a nickname. We know. MacGyver started swing dancing back in his high school years; he was introduced to it by Corrinne on their third date and was instantly hooked. He began learning and traveling to dance more and more from around Arizona, to California and even to the Jazz Center of America, New Orleans. It has been more than a hobby for MacGyver as he has dedicated time to performing, competing and enjoying the dance by all means. The most pivotal principle of his dancing is the love of it. MacGyver hopes to bring about that love from those he dances with, teaches, or even performs to. Becoming a dancer is more than just stepping on beat, but rather feeling the mood of the music and the connection you have with your partner. The unity and cohesion of the music and body is a playground to him. More importantly MacGyver has recognized that "being a dancer is more than just enjoying yourself, it is about making sure the people around you enjoy themselves more." When not dancing to save the world, MacGyver is studying for his undergrad in Finance, talking to the elderly, playing the ukulele, but most likely is spending quality time with his wife, Corrinne.