Grand Central Swing Takes Flight

Grand Central Swing Takes Flight

We are incredibly excited to launch a brand new night of swing, jazz, and blues dancing in Downtown Phoenix.  Opening just one mile north of our premier presence in South Central Swing at the Duce, with Grand Central Swing we have the opportunity to bring you two stellar nights of adventure, hot jazz, and badass swing dancing.

The heart of the swing and jazz dance community, in the heart of the thriving city that is Phoenix.  Find the time to join us on Thursday or a Tuesday, you will be in for the time of your life.

Dancers at Grand Central Swing, presented by Savage Rhythm

Reminiscent of an old Victorian train station…..and an era long gone, the Grand is a place out of time. The station was always open….a place to start, a place to end…. a place for those going nowhere, everywhere, and all points in between.

Grand Central Swing holds feelings of old Paris and New Orleans. And it is the perfect space in which to be transported back in time, to let hot jazz move your feet, and to immerse your body in an incredible experience of sight, sound, and feeling.

Don’t know how to swing dance? Not a problem!
7:15 to 8:00 – Beginning swing lesson

Then put those new moves to good use!
8:00 to 11:00 – The best classic swing and jazz music to move your feet and your soul

Cover is $8 per person ($5 with valid student ID)
Drinks (with ID)

Along a single one mile stretch, between Tuesdays at South Central Swing and Thursdays at Grand Central Swing, Phoenix is taking its place as a leader in hot jazz and swing dance. With Saturday Morning Swing, also located in Downtown Phoenix, Savage Rhythm offers the longest continuously running weekly lessons in classic jazz dance, lindy hop, and swing.