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Jonathan “Random” Lindsey

Known for his dynamic style, technical knowledge, and occasionally over-the-top humor, Jonathan has danced, taught, competed and performed around the world. He is founder of the performance group Savage Rhythm. As an instructor and DJ, Jonathan has traveled throughout North America and Europe spreading the gospel of classic jazz dance, music and history. He has performed in New York City, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and throughout the southwest. Jonathan’s passion for dance lies in roots vernacular jazz and swing styles.
Savage Rhythm Advanced Aerials

Through his experience as a student of the sciences of anatomy and kinesiology, Jonathan brings the unique perspective and knowledge of body mechanics and movement to teaching and the dance. Jonathan’s obsession with jazz and swing started at the very young age of 8 years old through surprise exposure to Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. The awe and wonder at the music and movement of jazz greats continued until meeting friend, mentor, and original swing dancer Frankie Manning and childhood dreams of jazz dancing became a reality. He has since gone on to study, work, and collaborate with many classic and contemporary masters. A student of medicine, philosophy, and wine, when not dancing Jonathan can most often be found out enjoying a run, ride, or quiet wander with his pup.

Jonathan Lindsey and Tressa Steele of Savage Rhythm Lindy hop jamming out

Tressa “Tangent” Steele

Did anyone hear that loud squeal? Tressa is normally heard through her laughter and sarcasm, but sought out for her enthusiastic passion for Lindy Hop, swing, and classic jazz dance. Tressa joined forces with Jonathan Lindsey and the Savage Rhythm team in 2014 bringing a background in theater and high impact sports. Her athleticism and supportive characteristics have led to her quick growth and escalation as a leader in the Phoenix dance community. She can most likely be seen dancing at the two extremes of our jazz world – fast lindy hop and slow drag.

Tressa Steele Savage Rhythm
Tressa pairs Jonathan’s knowledge of music history, kinesiology and body mechanics with her own studies in the psychology of dance. If you are lucky, you will catch her on some tangent about the emotional and psychological benefits that Lindy Hop has to offer. With an optimistic perspective and loving personality, Tressa enjoys her free-time surrounded by many people seeking an opportunity for a challenge. However, she will most likely choose her Rottweiler and Lab over most.
Jonathan Lindsey Tressa Steele Savage Rhythm


We want to bring out the badass dancer that lies within you.

Partial list of events and cities: Fast & Furious, Canada; Lindy on the Rocks, Denver; Big Sky, Bozeman; Lindy Hop Rhythms, Switzerland; Early Swing Festival, Los Angeles; Aerials Jam, Barcelona; Swing+, Montana; …and a longer list of engagements in London, Seattle, Panama City, Stockholm, and more. For a full CV, please contact us here.


As artists, this is one of our favourite things on which to spend time. Besides working on our own solo and partner work, our choreographer credits include work for the Savage Rhythm group, the Salty Dogs, From the Top, and GB3. Our credits also include stage work performed at Carnegie Hall, in Las Vegas, and in Los Angeles. For a complete CV, contact us here.


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One of the philosophies that drives us to create opportunities to dance and learn in our home city, we want dance experience that we, as dancers, would want to attend. With that in mind we have created the premier night of swing and jazz dancing in Phoenix, South Central Swing. Now in its fifth year, South Central Swing embodies all the things that drive us to the dance…great classic jazz and swing music, great dancers, vintage cocktails, and an energy of space that never quits.

Besides South Central Swing, Savage Rhythm also is responsible for the DeSoto Speakeasy, a classy night of dancing with a 17 piece big band, and Shag Nights at the Sanctuary, our newest endeavor focusing on growing the Shag Dance community.


Where can you find us? Phoenix, Arizona makes a convenient home, however you can expect to find us on the road often throughout the year. Teaching tours regularly take us across North America and Europe. 2017 has seen us traveling quite a bit to the Northwest and Northeast U.S. Later in the year we will be making several trips across the Atlantic for multi-city hops. Look for us in Spain, Switzerland, France, and Sweden.