Let’s Get Happy Together!

The Savage Rhythm instructors all collaborated to bring this number together, making it the first of its kind!

The three dance couples each took a third of the song to choreograph. Kate & Julie took the first bit, then Jonathan & Tressa, and then Corrinne & MacGyver. The end result is something that we all truly enjoyed and were more than thrilled to share at the Phoenix Lindy Exchange 2016.

“Let’s Get Happy Together” by Lil Armstrong is a wonderfully musical song that has so much to play with. It was almost difficult to pick which instruments or combinations to follow as each couple choreographed. Overall, the piece came together almost without a hitch! (There may have been a hitch kick or two involved).

This routine is also that which we have taught for our “Performance Class” which will be performing it soon at the Phoenix Marketplace. It was a short, progressive workshop where we focused not only on learning choreography, but also shared snippets of stage presence and the presentation of the dance.