10:00am –  No Excuses: Do It Better!

What’s the secret to being a better dancer?  We’ll show you how to unlock your potential with exercises on body awareness, stretching,  strengthening, spins, turns, and balance training.  This unique class will build your “dancer” skills that you can take home and practice on your own as well.

11:00am –  Rhythm and Style

Jonathan and Lainey show you their favorite ways to add your own voice to a social dance.  Learn specific styling, rhythms, and solo jazz additions that compliment or contrast your partner.

1:30pm – Slow Drag 2.0

Back by popular demand!  We’ll review basic slow drag technique and learn some new juicy moves to impress your partners.  Don’t be the lone wallflower when the music slows down.

2:30pm – Fun Balboa Moves That You Can Use In Your Lindy Hop

Learning different dance styles brings new ideas and creativity to your dance repertoire.  Jonathan and Lainey pick their favorite elements of balboa and incorporate them into your lindy hop vocabulary.

3:30pm – The Challenge!

Are you ready for a challenge?  Jonathan and Lainey put their heads together to create a sequence that’s a difficult rhythmic beast.  Bring your A game and your sense of humor to this fast paced class.


All classes held at MonOrchid, 214 E. Roosevelt Rd., Phoenix