Why combine Shag AND Drag in one event?

It is quite simple. We respect the entire spectrum of speed. The best fast dancers are also amongst the best slow tempo dancers. The skills translate. It is all jazz dance. And we do not believe for an instant in limiting ourselves.

What makes SDF different?

First, this is no staid hotel event. Set in unique venues around Downtown Phoenix, SDF weaves your event experience into the fabric of the city. Among some of our venues are: a 1920’s warehouse, a 1928 (now defrocked) church, one of the top five Public Markets in the Country, and the open-air Heritage Square…to name a few.

Second, we want you to feel challenged on many levels. Whether in learning, in competing, or in the art that is your dance, we want you to leave it all on the floor. Instructors have been selected for the skill and voice that they bring to the dance. Competitions crafted to challenge. And social dancing experiences curated to encourage your expression.

Is SDF solely a Workshop or Competition event?

Yes and no. Our goal is to balance learning, competing, dancing, and social-time activities.

Why Should I Compete?

Cash, and glory, and possibly a giant-vintage-metal-rainbow…rooster. Cash is great. But pushing yourself to your limits, leaving it all on the floor, and knowing you were victorious against your challengers…well, who doesn’t want that. Oh, and yes, we have a distinct attitude when it comes to trophies.

What Is So Special About SDF Trophies?

We’ve had our share of plastic bobbles. When presented with the task of finding trophies truly worthy of the victors, and not potential storage box fodder, the answer was simple—trophies for which people actually wanted to fight. SDF 2017 Strictly Shag competition did in fact feature a pair of giant-vintage-metal-rainbow roosters. For 2018 we have been on the hunt for, and already acquired some, worthy trophies.

What Competition Divisions will SDF 2018 Feature?

Shag Strictly, a Roulette Division, White Heat Endurance, the unique Shag & Drag division, and an Invitational Short Showcase division.

What is the Roulette Division?

This is our “Luck of the Draw”, “Mix-n-match”, “Jack and Jill” (no offence intended in this mention) style competition. There will be a limited number of entries. Limited heats of five couples each. Potential of an invitational division.

What is the Shag & Drag Division?

How good are you with transitions? Songs in this division will either start fast and transition to slow, or vice versa. Show off your versatility and the breadth of your massive skill set.

Is housing available?

Some local housing will be available. Housing requests will be accepted soon.

Do I need a car?

No, downtown Phoenix is a short ride from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. All venues are approximately five minutes by ride share, ten minutes by public transit, or within 10-15 minute walk.

What About Food?

Phoenix is a top destination for foodies. And this event is no different…its one of the reasons the event is so intimately woven into the city centre. Food trucks, small restaurants, and the broad spectrum of tastes and dietary needs/preferences await. Markets also available for those wanting to prepare their own food.

What about those that wish Liquid Sustenance?

As in the past, our sponsorships/partnerships present the opportunity for a gin drink for all weekend pass holders for Friday and Saturday evening (subject to Arizona law limiting underage individuals).

What is Your Policy About Underage Drinking?

SDF (and Savage Rhythm) take a zero tolerance approach to underage drinking. SDF is an all ages event. As such, weekend/event attendees will be required to present identification as proof of legal age and will be required to wear a wrist band indicating such throughout the weekend. Underage drinkers, individuals that provide drink to underage individuals, or those witnessed drinking at an SDF function but without a band may be subject to immediate expulsion.

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