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About the Comps

This year Shag and Drag is being expanded to five amazing competitions. From the unique “Shag and Drag”, a Roulette style social competition, Short Showcase division, All Shag Strictly and ending with the Endurance, this is the opportunity for you to release your inner badass and take home an epic title. (Due to high demand, competition registration is limited to event and party pass holders at this time.)

Shag and Drag

Taking place on Friday night, this is the competition that tests your ability across the extremes of the tempo spectrum. In a first of its kind competition (third year running) we get to answer a couple questions. How well can you lead in a song that suddenly transitions from Shag fast to blues slow, and back? Can your Follow ability keep up when that blues song cuts from sultry to an entirely different kind of burn?

Preliminary round will consist of two songs only. Finalists will compete to live music for the opportunity to raise a very special prize. Floorials and flash permitted. Aerials prohibited.

$25 Per Couple – Register Now

All Shag Strictly

It is a battle in which any shag goes. Test your best shag skills in this race for the cup. Preliminary rounds take place Saturday morning before a public audience at Public Market Swing and will feature three all heat songs in which you get prove you have what it takes to make the finals. Final round will feature spotlight battles to live music. Bring your “A” game and leave it all on the floor. All aerials permitted. Just remember Rule no. 1, Don’t Die.

$25 Per Couple – Register Now


This is our “Luck of the Draw”, “Mix-n-match”, “Jack and Jill” (no offence intended in this mention) style social competition. Ask yourself, how do your social skills rate? Jump in here to find out. There will be a limited number of entries. Limited heats of five couples each. Potential of an invitational division.

$10 Per Person – Register Now


We answer one question and one question only…how long can you last? This competition is for everyone. The victors will be the last couple dancing. Music will start at reasonable shag tempo, each following song will increase in tempo. The only way to win is keep your feet moving and don’t die.

Free – Register Now

*Rounds and rules subject to change. Final rule sets will be posted 7 days prior to competitions.