Shag Phoenix Fiesta 2016

Shag Phoenix Fiesta 2016

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Shag Phoenix Fiesta (SPF), May 19th to 22nd, an amazing weekend celebrating jazz era dance styles, lindy hop, shag, roots jazz, and tap. SPF features voices and styles from across the U.S. and from Europe. We are bringing to Arizona influences new and old, and aim to create an immersive experience.
Classes will feature St. Louis Shag and Collegiate Shag; Lindy Hop; styling for jazz era dances; tap for swing dancers; solo jazz; connection and innovation technique; and even some vintage blues. Our goal is to offer classes constructed in such a way to challenge, inspire, and engage all attendees, regardless of whether they be beginner or advanced.

Instructors: Lainey Silver (NYC), Irina Amzashvili (LA), Anthony Chen (SLC), Jonathan Lindsey (PHX), Tressa Steele (PHX), Dabney Hopkins (AZ), Karen Hopkins (AZ), and others …read more about our esteemed group of instructors.

Dancing: Social dancing opportunities are woven throughout the weekend. Day time dancing and three nights of dancing, at least two of which will feature live music.

Competitions: Yeah, we got you covered. Want to see how your shag stacks up against others? Bring your best Shag, of any style, for the All-Shag Competition. SPF also marks the return of White Heat, an endurance-style-every-song-is-faster-last-couple-standing-competition. Winners of White Heat raise a very special title of fastest dancers.

Registration: Open now