Spooktacular Tickets
Hey all you swingers! What better way to spend your Halloween than learning from talented Phoenix dancers Jonathan Lindsey and Tressa Steele, dancing to some spooktacular tunes at the costume dance that night, and spending the night in a 1920’s haunted hotel?! This is a Halloween weekend that cannot be beat. You won’t want to miss this.SATURDAY morning, October 31st, classes will be offered in the following order. They will each be an hour in duration. (10am-3:30pm)Lindy Hop II – Start with some deeps roots of the dance, then mix in a few signature variations. The result will take your dancing to the next level. You will get down low and bring some power to your dancing.

St. Louis Shag – An iconic style of swing that evolved from Charleston, this style of shag is incredibly fun, showy, perfect for tight spaces, and can be easily incorporated in with other styles (or done on its own).

Solo Roots Jazz – Vintage, or roots, jazz movement forms the basis of swing. Starting with familiar base rhythms we will explore a wide range of traditional and new jazz movement, how to create your own, and how to bring them into your dancing.


Lindy Hop III – Explore the fast and furious, and the down and dirty. Techniques and movements to help move your feet like lightening, stop on a dime, and to help you bring out your inner groove.

Vintage Blues – From jookin’ to slow drag, we will explore classic blues styles that are perfect for those moments when the music gets slow. Technique and some new juicy moves to impress your partners. Don’t be the lone wallflower when the music slows down.

AT 7 PM, join us for the MOBSTER MASH! Come show off your best costumes for the costume contest, dance to some Halloween favorites and live music, all while wrapping up a Halloween night for the books!

HOUSING IS PROVIDED for Saturday night at the iconic Hotel Monte Vista in downtown Flagstaff.
Originally built in 1926 the Hotel Monte Vista soon became the place to stay for transcontinental travelers. For travelers and town folk alike, the hotel offered an oasis of lush surroundings and a chance to rub shoulders with the local and national elite. Located just one block north of famous Route 66, the Hotel Monte Vista has been home to thousands of adventurous and colorful characters, from bank robbers, to headlining Hollywood stars, Hotel Monte Vista has remained steadfast in its commitment to serve its patrons. The Hotel Monte Vista remains a centerpiece for Historic Downtown Flagstaff. Dozens of fine shops, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds, are within a few blocks and The Monte Vista Lounge offers live music on the weekends. This hotel has hosted old time movie stars from Bing Crosby to Cary Grant, all of whom have told eerie stories of ghosts sightings and hauntings that have taken place in this hotel. Think you can survive the night? You are all welcome to stay in the penthouse suite as part of your registration, if you dare. Just bring a blanket and a sleeping bag to crash for the night!

Read some of these spine-chilling tales for yourself! http://www.hotelmontevista.com/hauntedhotel.php

ON SUNDAY MORNING, we will be visiting the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course for some outdoor fun! This cost is NOT included in the weekend pass, so you will need to visit the website to register. We can obtain group pass prices if we plan ahead, so comment below if you plan on checking out this amazing course of zip lines, climbing ropes, and more! (10 am)
Group Rates: 1-7 people, $49 each
8-20 people, $44 each
21-40 people, $42 each

Sunday morning will also include two more classes by Jonathan Lindsay for those who survived the Hotel Monte Vista the night before. Each will be an hour in duration.

Solo Roots Jazz II – Spins, slides, and syncopations. Dig deep into solo jazz and learn to create new rhythms, musical expressions, and flash. (Note: Solo Jazz I not required)

Jam Material – Instructor’s Choice – Everything and the kitchen sink. From up and fancy to down and earthy, we are bringing some of our favorite rhythms, partner flash and tricks, and a few surprises picked up along the road.



$40.00 per person up until October 26th (Then price is raised to $50.00) Purchase Ticket Now

This includes:
-All lessons (5 on Saturday morning, 2 on Sunday morning)
-Entrance to The Mobster Mash Saturday night dance with live band and costume contest
-One night stay at the haunted 1926 Hotel Monte Vista in downtown Flagstaff on Halloween night

Each class will be $10.00 separately as an alternative.

The Mobster Mash Dance will be $10.00 as an alternative as well. Buy Your Ticket Today.

We can’t wait to see you in Flagstaff for the First Annual Halloween Frankenswing! Invite any other friends you’d like!