Tressa “Tangent” Steele


id anyone hear that loud squeal? Tressa is normally heard through her laughter and sarcasm, but sought out for her enthusiastic passion for Lindy Hop, swing, and classic jazz dance. Tressa joined forces with Jonathan Lindsey and the Savage Rhythm team in 2014 bringing a background in theater and high impact sports. Her athleticism and supportive characteristics have led to her quick growth and escalation as a leader in the Phoenix dance community. She can most likely be seen dancing at the two extremes of our jazz world – fast lindy hop and slow drag.

Tressa Steele Savage Rhythm
Jonathan Lindsey Tressa Steele Savage Rhythm

Tressa pairs Jonathan’s knowledge of music history, kinesiology and body mechanics with her own studies in the psychology of dance. If you are lucky, you will catch her on some tangent about the emotional and psychological benefits that Lindy Hop has to offer. With an optimistic perspective and loving personality, Tressa enjoys her free-time surrounded by many people seeking an opportunity for a challenge. However, she will most likely choose her Rottweiler and Lab over most.